Miniature Books FTW!

So what could possibly be better than old, rare books? MINIATURE rare books of course!!!!!! Check out some of the diminutive books @ Miniature Mondays – Special Collections & Archives from the University of Iowa

Maybe once I am done school in 3 weeks (OMG) I can try my hand at some miniature things myself!!! 😀

Bookbinding Workshop @ FIMS (February 27, 2014)

Here are some photos from the Bookbinding workshop I ran as part of the GRC Presents… workshop series on February 27, 2014. I briefly spoke about the evolution of “the book” from cuneiform tablets to papyrus scrolls to the codex to e-books and discussed the development of parchment and paper and I showed many different examples of historical binding structures and had some physical examples from the GRC’s rare books collection to pass around. I showed pictures of my trip to Montefiascone, Italy last summer where I took an Early Gothic Bookbinding course and showed how complex it is to make a book by hand. We then ended with a practical component and I showed the class how to sew simple 3-hole stitch pamphlets and allowed them to use traditional bookbinding tools such as bonefolders, awls, and slitting knives, which everyone seemed to thoroughly enjoy!! I had such a great time teaching this workshop and for spreading awareness of the art of bookbinding to a very enthusiastic audience! I am teaching an encore workshop on March 27 for people who were not able to sign up for the first one and am excited for that!!PowerPointMe with the Books I have MadeBookbinding ToolsExamples from GRC Rare Book CollectionDemonstrating Paper SlittingSewing Pamphlets #1Sewing Pamphlets #2Sewing Pamphlets #3Sewing Pamphlets #4