Montefiascone – Early Gothic Binding

MaterialsSlitting the spine  Slits in the spine Sewn Book on tawed tapes Dyed skin Trimming Corners Trimmed corner to place endband on Sewing Endbands Primary Endband Sewn Sewing complete Trying the boards out STP60930 Carving wood to make pegs

Attaching the boards by inserting pegs

Boards attached Cover with Irish linen Protective Covering on Textblock

Covering with the skin and tying around the cords

Protective Bandage for drying

Using weights for drying Fashioning brass strap and clasp Brass strap and clasps

Template for tooling

Marking Lines

Blind tooling with brass tools



Trimming the edge of the skin

Punching holes for braided endband

Sewing braided enband Looping around and around..... Finished #1

Finished both braided endbands

Completion with strap and clasp affixed and tassle

Class with our books

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